The Game Changers – Tabitha’s story

This academic year 2016-2017 ushered in its freshest students; the First years! In the first week of the semester, usually dubbed the ‘Orientation week’ , Primetime hosted the new students to a Freshers’ fest. This was 8 days of unlimited comedy, music, drama,  tips about campus life and so much more. Basically,  Primetime all week long! It didn’t end there though. After that one week … Continue reading The Game Changers – Tabitha’s story

When Primetime talked Purpose

It was a fair Saturday..10th September 2016 when God said let Primetime happen! The Primetimers doing their last preps, fast forward to 7:50 something pm and we hear the jolly voices of Ojay and Anne. Anne had been in MIA for a while so hearing her voice, brought some oomph to the rally! Ojay with his ever evolving sense of humor, it’s the electric duo … Continue reading When Primetime talked Purpose

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The Day Primetime Hosted The Guild candidates

Last Saturday’s Primetime was at a whole new level of high. With the Guild Elections looming, the excitement was evident even at the pool. The rally dubbed, “The PTGuildRace” already had us guessing what it would be all about, but that was just the tip of the iceberg! The pool was filled was great sounds from Dj Awar, the stage flooded with great lights and … Continue reading The Day Primetime Hosted The Guild candidates