The Game Changers – Tabitha’s story

sight_2016_09_27_213021_548This academic year 2016-2017 ushered in its freshest students; the First years!
In the first week of the semester, usually dubbed the ‘Orientation week’ , Primetime hosted the new students to a Freshers’ fest. This was 8 days of unlimited comedy, music, drama,  tips about campus life and so much more. Basically,  Primetime all week long!

It didn’t end there though. After that one week festival, a special party was made courtesy of Makerere Community Church where the first year students were treated to a luncheon + a Meet and Greet session with the pastors and Primetime team.

Introductions were made, advice given, appeals made to the new freshman to join the church and continue to participate in activities that will build them for the future. This new generation of freshmen, code named: GAME CHANGERS also elected their representatives i.e the Chief Fresher and Chief Freshess for the year 2016 namely  Daniel and Tabitha (respectively).

Today we feature the Chief Freshess – Tabitha. Sharing her story of transformation so far, at the prestigious Makerere University ever since she got to know Primetime.

Tabitha a.k.a Cute Pie is a bubbly young lady with a confidence so unusual for a freshman. She has the ability to command her audience and is not shy to express herself. Tabitha describes herself as a  Christian who is very social and loves swimming. She is currently pursuing a degree in Business Administration at Makerere University.

Before she joined the university, her spiritual life wasn’t all she wanted it to be. She would only open her bible once a week, or if she wanted to keep some money or anything valuable in it. This left her feeling unhappy and empty because the the pretentious life she was living.

However, after joining the university and in particular Primetime and Makerere Community Church, Tabitha says she sees a very distinct change.

“I have become a happier person, made so many new friends who are now like family to me,” She says.

The people at Primetime and MCC have become instrumental in shaping her life spiritually. Tabitha has also gone on to become a leader at the University, something she says she did not expect. In addition, the various programmes at MCC such as Bible Study, Leadership Academy have helped her grow spiritually. She says, through them she has learned and is still learning a lot more about Christ…taking the necessary steps to lead her life in the way God has called her to do.

“The Bible is now my best friend and also prayer, ” she says. “I have realised that this is the best place I can be.”


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