When Primetime talked Purpose

It was a fair Saturday..10th September 2016 when God said let Primetime happen! The Primetimers doing their last preps, fast forward to 7:50 something pm and we hear the jolly voices of Ojay and Anne.

Anne had been in MIA for a while so hearing her voice, brought some oomph to the rally! Ojay with his ever evolving sense of humor, it’s the electric duo that will capture your attention.

Starting us off with the topic at hand: ‘Where do you see yourself after campus?’ It’s a question everyone needs to ask themselves once in a while, particularly if that person is finalizing their stay at campus. From the audience, there were a range of responses…as an Economist, Statistician, Teacher. But what is Primetime without the comic responses? Some said they would like to get married (ladies say, amen?) , and a brother says, he will be a father. Some did not know exactly, while another honest person said they would settle their retakes.

After that interactive session, we had the TLT crew up next on stage with a comic skit! It was the Primetime goat race, 5milliom up for the grabs. Ripples of laughter swept through the crowd as the 3 ‘goats’, and their caretakers comically started off. All was well for the 3 ‘goats’ until one of them started following the other. The two got diverted as the slowest of them continued steadily towards the finish line. In just two minutes, the finish line was crossed and the caretaker of the winning ‘goat’ is called to give his key to success. He stated that his goat was determined, focused, not swayed by distractions (like the other two were). With a dimming of the lights, a loud clap erupted from the crowd, many of them visibly smiling from the informative but hilarious skit.

Just right after, Naxa blows the crowd away with WHY and Chosen Generation songs. Bringing rap and rhyme to the pool, he left the stage to thunderous applause followed by a news segment by DataPlate 911 with your anchors Hilda Adur and Professor Kikomeko.

Ojay and Ann then made their dramatic appearance on stage with dances, entries and re -entries on stage…to invite the current Guild President of the Ivory Tower – Semboga Roy. After a culture segment where his excellency pulled some dance moves besides Mark and Innocent, the crowd was not disappointed. Ojay and Ann then fired him a few questions that rotated around his role as the Guild president, what he would do in his first 90 days to even more interesting questions such as his status, abstinence status, what he would do for Primetime at the pool. He assured the people that he would ensure that all missing marks’ queries shall be rectified, shared his story of his first Primetime rally that was dubbed ‘Sex at the Pool’ and closed with an appeal to the Primetimers to work with him as a team to make Makerere University a great place for everyone.

After quite the serious session, we turned to the less serious side of life with a stand up comedy performance by Okello Okello. His jokes are quite the frown-breaker and if his aim was to make us laugh out loud, I should say he succeeded!

Right after Okello Okello, Pastor Jerome Ntege dramatically took to the stage with a few somersaults that had the crowd at the edge of their seats. Pastor Jerome is a lecturer at Makerere University, specializing in Anthropology and he was the guest speaker of the night. He shared on Purpose at Campus. Here are some of the highlights of his message:

1. If life is a journey, campus is a marathon. In a marathon, you set your start and end time while for a journey, you start it until the end.
You can never know whether you are a winner or loser until you reach the finish line.

2. It doesn’t matter what your scoffers say, you have the potential b’se you are the only one of your kind here at Muk. Remember, you are unique and different, no one can do what you do.

3. Some of you have never discovered what you are meant to be. Some are at campus, not doing the courses that they wanted. However,  you don’t have what you want, use what you have to go where you want to go.

4. If you know your purpose, put more effort into it – Into what God wants you to be. Your life could be part of the chain of the bigger movement happening in the future.

5. No eyes have seen, no ears have heard the things God has planned for His children. Therefore,  look towards the future ahead of you not at the past. You can’t live in the success or failures of yesterday.

6. You won’t be held responsible for what’s ahead but for what happens after you live. Thus, at campus, don’t just get a degree, but meet people and create networks.

7.If you don’t have the direction for where you are going, others will lead you somewhere else.

8. You can’t rehearse you life at campus. You just start it and go on from there. Find a group of friends to run with you.

9.Never take a ride before you ask where they are going. You may sit with the devil!

10. You need to set dreams in, your life and follow them. Look for those in line with your dreams and move with them. Set a destination. Discover your purpose in life, if you don’t have a purpose…find it.

11. Start your journey of discovery of your purpose, by asking God first because if you want to know the purpose of something, you ask the maker. Ask God for the purpose of your life.

Yes, it was a very informative and was opening talk on purpose and I believe everyone who listened to it did not remain the same! If you don’t know where you are going,you can easily be led anywhere. Campus is a big place and like Ps Mark says,It can be your vineyard or your graveyard. Therefore, having your set goals, objectives, purpose is key to helping you succeed at the University. And why wouldn’t that be the perfect end to a great evening??  😊

Remember, the Campus mega fest is on 16th & 17th Sept 2016 at the Makerere University Main Sports Ground. Entrance is free! You don’t want to miss this. Until next week, God bless you!

PS: All notes on Ps Ntege’s sharing are sourced from @PrimetimeMuk and @Uggospellife twitter accounts.


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