The Game Changers – Tabitha’s story

This academic year 2016-2017 ushered in its freshest students; the First years! In the first week of the semester, usually dubbed the ‘Orientation week’ , Primetime hosted the new students to a Freshers’ fest. This was 8 days of unlimited comedy, music, drama,  tips about campus life and so much more. Basically,  Primetime all week long! It didn’t end there though. After that one week … Continue reading The Game Changers – Tabitha’s story

When Primetime talked Purpose

It was a fair Saturday..10th September 2016 when God said let Primetime happen! The Primetimers doing their last preps, fast forward to 7:50 something pm and we hear the jolly voices of Ojay and Anne. Anne had been in MIA for a while so hearing her voice, brought some oomph to the rally! Ojay with his ever evolving sense of humor, it’s the electric duo … Continue reading When Primetime talked Purpose