The Day Primetime Hosted The Guild candidates


Last Saturday’s Primetime was at a whole new level of high. With the Guild Elections looming, the excitement was evident even at the pool. The rally dubbed, “The PTGuildRace” already had us guessing what it would be all about, but that was just the tip of the iceberg!

The pool was filled was great sounds from Dj Awar, the stage flooded with great lights and a whole lot of new props.  There was big white sticker with the Primetime Since 1999 logo at the front, over a black back drop that bore a semblance to the Makerere main building from the highest point. This was supplemented with 12 black chairs, 6 at each side which as you have already guessed, are for the 12 Presidential candidates. The projector was up showing ads, videos, pictures of the last Primetime rally. It also showed the various social media platforms with which to interact with Primetime on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. The tweet beam,was also displayed with a lot of people tweeting and using the hashtags: #MakDecides and #PTGuildRace. My favorite of all that was displayed though was probably the add for the Guild Presidential Candidates…it was just on point!

Now moving on swiftly, at some minutes past 8pm,  Anne Tendo, looking beautiful in her dress and heels was joined on this very  stage with Uncle Bob as the emcees/ moderators of the night with OJ in the crowd. The session begun with a catch up moment and later blended in to Have Your Say which was about what you would do in the first 100 days as Guild President.

After this segment, we had a dance from the Primetime Dance that left the audience happy. They danced to the tune of Positive’s Identify. Clad in black, ripped up shirts and painted faces, they bright an African feel to the stage that did justice to both the song and the dress code.

Up next was a performance  by Legacy Martin who debuted his new song, Gwe Wekka at the pool. A nice tune with a nice voice, that spoke about how it’s only and only about Jesus that left the crowd cheering. Gilbert then took to the stage, and after a short interview with Legacy, he invited the TLT for a skit.

The TLT had us laughing so hard with their mock debate. The motion was, Halls are better than Hostels. With the humor Ann comedy that they are popularly known for, they presented their arguments ranging from transport costs, accommodation issues, food costs to bed bug infestation (yes, that was from the opposers’ side). The highlight of the skit was when ‘Tamale Mirundi’ came in at the end of it all with his famous anecdotes. He had the crowd laughing hard as we all know how he is.

It was after this moment of joy that SMJ tool,to the stage with a rap song about Jesus bringing a hiphop vibe to the pool after which Mrs Sheila Ruyonga accompanied by her husband Ruyonga. She talked about the Find Your Spark Conference for the ladies, that happened yesterday at the National Theatre. No song from Ruyonga though. (insert sigh)

We then had a moment of comic relief from a comedian known as Okello Okello,who was introduced by OJ and Laptop as the darkest man in Uganda! Hehe, the moment he got on stage everyone at the pool was silent but that momental spell was broken just a minute later and laughter filled the air with each joke he made. Just like wine that tastes better with age, he got funnier as he spoke. We literally laughed our heads off! And I speak for most when I say that he really should come back again! You just had to be there yourself.

As soon as we had our hearts back, Levixone was welcomed. He sung right there in the crowd, his famous songs, Jungle, Samanya and Ani. The latter he sung at the stage, and I liked the way he incorporated he got the different teams (as in, presidential aspirant teams) to shout their candidate’s name in the song! Very clever I must say, he definitely caught our attention with that song. By the time he got on it was already 9pm so that marked the last performance of the night. Uncle Bob and Anne took to the stage with OJ in the background, for the moment we had all been waiting for (drum rolls please) the Guild Candidates!

The Guild Candidates were then announced one by one onto the stage amidst chants and ululations. Most of them clad in suits (tie and all) with a few dressed casual smart. All the 12 candidates were present and as usual, had to do the famous ‘culture’. Each was to pull their best moves to DJ Awar’s tune of choice- his choice being a Papa San sound track. So one by one, each went forward to dance for a few seconds. Quite a number actually had some great moves! Will they continue with the talent? Only God can tell. After that session, Uncle Bob and Anne then asked each of the candidates some random questions.,it wasn’t your ordinary kind of debate. There was no political talk here, it was all about getting to know that side of the candidate that you had never seen before. The questions ranged from, most embarrassing moment, to most regrettable moment. Who inspired them? What inspired them? What was a regular day like for them? Favorite scripture from the Bible? Quran? What hobbies do you have? What activities are you into? One of the candidates stunned everyone with his singing voice! There were very interesting questions, and equally interesting answers!

After that session, the candidates took their seats as they each, one by one, had to give their manifesto in 2 minutes. We got to hear  the candidates’ promises as well as their vision of Makerere for the next one year. We also got to hear who the orators were and after that, Ps Amon Bwengye was invited to the stage with a word of advise for the candidates. He told us all about leadership through the story of the pencil, which was very inspiring and  then he prayed for the candidates. All 12 candidates were united in this aspect, a reminder of the last Presidential debate where all the candidates held hands as they were prayed for.  Yes, the Lord indeed is Lord, even at the Pool, especially at the pool. After which the candidates had a Kodak moment and later with the pastor and moderators of the night. It was at about 10:30om when the rally ended.

A big thank you to all who put it together, I believe we can now vote better after last Saturday. I must say, it was a wonderful night where Excitement met and exceeded Expectation!

#PTSince1999 #PrimetimeMuk 2016


One thought on “The Day Primetime Hosted The Guild candidates

  1. Thanks a lot for keeping us informed . If someone missed the event this serves like a fall back for them .
    I just have one suggestion or an

    Is it possible to also come up with a brief quick review of the night and be shared on watsapp


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