What you don’t know about ‘Pambazuka’

Have you heard of PAMBAZUKA-THE AFRICAN DREAM; A music, dance and drama production? If you haven’t, today we give you its producer in an exclusive interview.

Abraham J.B Muwanguzi is a pastor at One Love Church, lecturer in the College of Engineering, Design and Technology in the department of Mechanical Engineering, married to one wife and father. He is the director and drama writer of the production.

What is Pambazuka?                                                                                    

Pambazuka is a Swahili word which means dawn-the break of a new day. The production declares a new day upon the university, a day of righteousness and achievement of dreams. Pambazuka portrays hope that parents have in their children. We call it the African dream because we know the story is the same all over the continent.

What inspired Pambazuka?                                                                  

Pambazuka’s inspiration came from the current situation of students in higher institutions of learning; you know there’s this thing of when you are at the university you are “grown up” so you can do whatever you want in any way you want. What you do affects you, your future, the people around you and your parents. Pambazuka is out to show that you can have dreams but whatever you do can support you in achieving them or crush them.

Who is part of the production?                                                                  

Ah….the production…ah….the people putting it together are mainly students of Makerere University, organized in Primetime Students’ Association and also One Love Church which is a ministry reaching out to university students. Well…they are mainly students organized under those two umbrellas.

O..kay,so who is invited? Students? Non-students?                                                                              

Yeah students….our target is mainly students. They can be from Kyambogo, Ndejje, Nkumba, any university. They are our main target, and a few other people who are non-students can also come,but we want the hall to be filled up with at least 90% students. Our message is mainly to the students to see that the way one lives at campus has an impact on their life outside.

How long has Pambazuka been happening?                                                      

It started in 2008, and then 2009 then there has been a drought because of some reasons. Now Pambazuka is back so God willing, every year we shall be having it. We can say it has been on for the last six years but…(laughs) active for three years, for half the time.

What is the objective of Pambazuka?                                                              

The objective as I said before is to empower students, to champion positive living among the students. To know that the freedom they have can be used within boundaries and once you do that, you can be able to achieve the dreams. If you want to know if the African dream is achieved or not, you come. Let the students come and be empowered to live positively so they can achieve their dreams.

Any special invites?                                                                                        

Students and also a few University Adminstrators….uhm….mainly to come and see what this ministry does with the students such that they can support Primetime more. Yes….so the administrators are invited to come and see for themselves what Primetime does. When they get to know, I believe they will support it.

Thank you for your time.                                                                      

Thank you. Let them come and witness the Pambazuka-the African dream being achieved.









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