What you don’t know about ‘Pambazuka’

Have you heard of PAMBAZUKA-THE AFRICAN DREAM; A music, dance and drama production? If you haven’t, today we give you its producer in an exclusive interview. Abraham J.B Muwanguzi is a pastor at One Love Church, lecturer in the College of Engineering, Design and Technology in the department of Mechanical Engineering, married to one wife and father. He is the director and drama writer of … Continue reading What you don’t know about ‘Pambazuka’

The One Love Carnival – What you missed

From our previous post about the the One Love Carnival, Here again,  Awori Elizebeth (@lisaromans03) gives her account of the One Love Carnival from the first dot to the last one. Enjoy Monday which was Carnival Night was exciting, Pr. Amon was present to advise the new students on how to manage their finances and life at campus. And I quote; “life is not a … Continue reading The One Love Carnival – What you missed